The Best Gyms in Cork for Every Workout


Every single one of us would love to stay healthy and fit and stay in shape. However, very few of us can actually boast of being so. Though we have access to so many tips online and in books to stay shapely, healthy, and fit, most of us hardly ever go beyond taking a peep at these tips.

As per recommendations by various health agencies, an adult is required to get a minimum of two and a half hours of weekly workouts – just half an hour a day, five days a week. It’s time to join a gym and get those calorie burning, health enhancing, muscle toning sessions in and be the one who enjoys the benefits that follow.”

The programs at a gym help set up an appropriate balance between aerobic and strength training exercises, which in turn lead to improved heart health and help maintain the right height to weight ratio in addition to improved muscle strength.

One of the most important factors that influence you positively toward making the necessary efforts is motivation. Finding many others just like yourself sweating it out and also others who are closer to achieving what they set out can all add up to provide the necessary motivation and will to go for it. Though the initial going would be tough and it might seem hard to get over your laziness, but after a couple of weeks you find your rhythm and going to the gym would just slide effortlessly into your routine.

Going to the gym and returning back could provide you an outing other than your usual home to work and back home. That you have achieved something that you had been planning for long is an added satisfaction. The two combined act as a great way to counter stress and boost brain activity leading to improved mental health. To add a bit of scientific evidence, research has indicated that physical activity boosts the production of endorphins in the brain, which leads to us feeling better physically and having a brighter emotional outlook.

Another add gym advantage is the presence of professionals who would always be around to help you with tips and also direct you in terms of the dos and don’ts. It also helps that these professionals may also be working out at the same time as you and that can act both as an inspiration as well as a touchstone and reference point.

Joining a gym also means you do not have to buy any equipment of your own, which in most cases only sit idle after a few days of use. Also, having a variety of equipment at a single location also allows you the freedom to experiment and determine which set of equipment best suits your efforts to achieving your fitness goals.


‘At The Fitness Centre’ prides itself at providing the best possible personal training, weight loss, and group training sessions. When it comes to personal training they will help you with innovative and effective inputs on nutrition and fitness and help you imbibe it all into your daily routine in such a way that staying healthy and fit becomes a habit as routine as taking a bath or brushing your teeth.

The trainers ‘At The Fitness Centre’ are some of the best you will find at any of the gyms in Cork, and will help you understand your body type and recommend methods that are not stressful but still very effective with helping you lose those extra pounds and inches. They will help you lose weight and get in shape in a way that is not harmful. Their methods have been adopted by a number of people in a around Cork with great results. Their programs can be easily blended into your routine and are as enjoyable as these are effective.

The group training sessions are also fun and enjoying the sessions is part of why these sessions have been so result oriented. These sessions are as much about being comfortable around others as they are about competing, being inspired, and being there for each other. The group training sessions help you not only with physical health, but also with being more calm and at peace mentally.


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